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Daileon allows Java-based applications to be developed using the concept of domain annotations.
Essentially, it provides two main functionalities: i) it allows frameworks to be created with the capability of interpreting domain annotations; and ii) it also allows domain annotations to represent annotations of frameworks that do not support such a concept. Therefore, Daileon allows frameworks to support the concept of domain annotations and it also allows domain annotations to be created even when using frameworks that are not able to recognize annotations other than their own. Read more here.

What are domain annotations?

Domain annotations are annotations that are created by the developer and that make sense in a particular domain. In simple terms, a domain annotation is a custom annotation. Therefore, instead of using annotations provided by a framework, one can define an annotation and use it. For instance, instead of using annotations provided by the EJB3 API, users can instead define their own annotations and use them. Obviously, this type of annotation requires a special treatment, so the application can run correctly. This treatment can be applied by using the Daileon framework.

Jan 3rd, 2010
Web Site launched!

New web site launched! Now, the Daileon framework has a new web site, and thus users can download it, as well as the papers that were published in international conferences, and also learn how to use it with a tutorial.


Jan 3rd, 2010
Tutorial created

A tutorial was published, and now the users can easily learn how to use the framework.


Jan 3rd, 2010
Daileon 1.0 released!

Version 1.0 of the framework was released. The users can also find the source code in the Download section.