Package net.sf.daileon

Provides the entry point of Daileon (PerformTransformations).


Class Summary
DirectoryDuplicator The DirectoryDuplicator class provides a single method, which copies the content of a directory to another directory.
PerformTransformations The PerformTransformations represents the entry point of the application, and is used when using domain annotations that represent annotations of external frameworks.
ResourcesFactory The ResourcesFactory class is a static factory that retrieves a particular Strategy implementation, or a particular AbstractAnnotationsReplacer implementation.

Package net.sf.daileon Description

Provides the entry point of Daileon (PerformTransformations). This entry point is used when running Daileon's second functionality, which allows domain annotations to be used with frameworks that do not support them. It also contains other supporting classes, used by the PerformTransformations class.